Darul Arqam is a Full Time Hifz School in the State of Minnesota.


We are a Minnesota based Non-Profit Organization with a mission to fulfill the educational needs of Muslims in Minnesota. Our purpose is to develop a model Islamic community that adheres to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (saw). Our primary focus is educating children in Math, science, language arts, and Islamic studies apart from Quranic education, where the children can memorize Quran either by enrolling in the full-time Hifz Program or can join weekend memorization program.

By the grace of Allah (swt), Darul Arqam is the first and only institute providing a full-time dedicated Quran memorization program in Minnesota. We also have a part-time memorization program for children and adults.

One of our goals is to assist students with basic Math, Science, and Reading classes, especially for economically challenged Muslim students. Build high morals and character in children to help them become better Muslim Citizens and future leaders of the community.

Darul Arqam offers various full-time and weekend programs, please check out our course catalog to learn about the programs and register.

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