Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child(ren) at Darul Arqam. Please be advised of the following general information regarding the admissions process

Admission Requirements
  • Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before December 31st of the current year (This date is not compatible with many other schools.)
  • 1st Grade students and above must have successfully completed the previous school year at 70% or above in each subject and demonstrated behavioral compliance in the previous academic environment.
  • Students with special learning needs, including but not limited to emotional, behavioral, learning deficits or disabilities, and/or limited English proficiency, will not be admitted to Darularqam on the basis that Darularqam does not provide programs to adequately meet such needs.
  • Darularqam is operated on a non-discriminatory basis according equal treatment and access to services without regard to gender, race, national origin, or ancestry in administration of its admission and educational policies.
Admissions Requirements

Darularqam begins accepting new applications for enrollment on January 7, 2015 for the 2015-16 school year. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications are NOT complete without all of the following required documents:

  • Student’s birth certificate;
  • Student’s social security card;
  • Student’s currently updated immunization record;
  • Most recent report card and last year’s final report card, (1st grade and above), including grades and teacher comments [If the student has never attended school before and has no previous report cards, a signed statement to that effect must be submitted in lieu of any previous school reports.]
  • Most recent standardized test results, (1st grade and above) [If the student has never taken a standardized test and therefore has no test results to submit, a signed statement to that effect must be submitted in lieu of such results.]
  • Non-refundable application & assessment fees ($150);
  • ESL documentation is mandatory for students enrolled in ESL classes previously;

In addition to the required documentation, the following optional documents may increase your child’s chances of admission:

  • Character reference from a former teacher or principal;
  • Preschool report cards or testing data (for KG applicants);
  • Documentation of previous Hifz and/or Arabic language achievement;
  • Documentation showing that your child has been screened for English as a Second Language (ESL) and does NOT require ESL services;

All students are required to submit medical records that document the immunizations as required under the State of Texas Education Code Section 38.001 in the case of a child required under that section to be immunized, proof as required by that section showing that the child is not required to be immunized, or proof that the child is entitled to provisional admission under that section and under rules adopted under that section.

Admissions Process

Candidates will be notified of the first round of testing on the February 28, 2015. Candidates turning in applications thereafter will be contacted within two weeks from the date of submitting a complete application including all required documentation; candidates will be called and notified of the date and time for the next admissions test.

The admissions test is an aptitude test designed to measure the student’s potential success at Darularqam. There is nothing to study for this test. Additionally, an observation or interview session may be scheduled at the discretion of the academy. The academy reserves the right to decline an application for enrollment due to tardiness or failure to show for a scheduled test, observation, or interview.

Students will be admitted based on their potential for success at Darularqam. Darularqam admission is NOT based on a first come first serve basis but the timing of application receipt does merit some preferences. All class sizes are limited. Once classes become full, qualifying students will be placed in a waiting pool in the event that space becomes available. There is no guarantee that your child will be admitted for the 2015-2016 academic year.

If your child is admitted to Darularqam you will be notified in writing and given a deadline for confirmation of your intent to enroll. Confirmation must be accompanied by the payment of fees to be valid. Upon enrollment confirmation, the following fees are required:

  • $600 per family non-refundable registration fee [Due upon confirmation of admission]
  • $300 per child for instructional materials fee [ Due on August 1, 2015 or upon confirmation of admission ]
  • $600 per child, tuition installment [Due August 1, 2015 or upon confirmation of admission ]

Refer to the Tuition and Fees section for all applicable fees. Unconfirmed seats will be offered to other qualified candidates if not confirmed by the due date given.

All students are admitted on a probationary basis for the first year and may be dismissed at any time therein for valid academic or disciplinary reasons.



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