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    • We are looking for a committed Homeroom/ Subject Teacher to support Islamic school for Elementary grades.  The teacher will be responsible for managing classes and ensuring kids follow the school curriculum. Primary responsibility will be to provide knowledge and instruction to students while helping them develop their personalities and skills.


    1. Adapts classroom work for the purpose of providing students with instructional materials that address individualized learning plans within the established lesson plans.
    2. Provide help and guidance to students in completing their daily tasks, projects, and activities as per the school curriculum, which is individually focused for each student.
    3. Meet course and school-wide student performance goals.  Maintain grade books.  Grade papers and perform other administrative duties as needed
    4. Counsels students for the purpose of improving performance, health status, problem-solving techniques, and a variety of personal issues.
    5. Prepares a variety of written materials (e.g. grades, attendance, anecdotal records, etc.) for the purpose of documenting student progress and meeting mandated requirements.
    6. Collaborates with instructional staff, other school personnel, parents, and a variety of community resources for the purpose of improving the overall quality of student outcomes, achieving established classroom objectives in support of the school improvement plan.
    7. Advises parents and/or legal guardians of student progress for the purpose of communicating expectations; student’s achievements; developing methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment
    8. Reports incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining the personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment, and adhering to the Education Code and school policies.
    9. Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution.


    1. Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in an education-related field.
    2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    3. Well-organized and committed
    4. Creative and energetic
    5. Strong moral values and discipline
    6. Proficient computer skills and knowledge of technology integration in teaching.
    7. Please send your resume to mohi@darularqammn.com
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