Darul Arqam Islamic School

Program for Students
  • Instructor (s): Shaykh Ahmad and Waseem Syed
  • Starts On: Sep2020.
  • Length: 1year
  • Course ID: ISL100




This Program is designed to help the Student learn the Book of Allah (SWT) while also be able to complete their Full-Time Academic Studies. The Students will come in the morning and learn the Quran then after they finish that, they will move onto the academics. Enrollment has started for Year 2020-21.
A few Requirements are listed below:
– The Student must be enrolled into Connections Academy or looking to get enrolled.
– The Student must know the basics of how to use Technology i.e. Laptops, Computers etc.
– The Student must be 6 years+
Not everyone qualifies to this course, parent and the student will be interviewed before getting enrolled.
Program Includes:
– Quran memorization
– Islamic Education
– Academics (Grade 1st -8th)
Program Incharge: Br Ghouse  Mohiuddin
Program Director: Syed Waseem
Scholar for Quran and Islamic Studies: Shaykh Ahmad Hussain
Please complete the application here and our staff will contact you and setup the time for a meeting:
Classes begin: Sep 8th 2020 Inshallah
Class will be onsite and CDC guidelines will be followed.
8:00am – 3pm (Mon-Thu)
8:00am – 12:00pm (Fri)
Please watch the Webinar for more Information on this new program:

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