Islamic Studies Weekend Program

Program for Children
  • Instructor (s): Multiple
  • Starts On: Admissions are OPEN.
  • Length: 2 Year
  • Course ID: QRM001


This class is focused on students who are unable to participate in full time Hifz program at this moment but would like to memorize portion of Quran. Class will help students to improve their tajweed or recitation. Personal attention will be given to each student. The second portion of the class will focus on basics of Islam; children will memorize masnoon dua’s(supplication), learn how to pray(Salah), memorize important Ahadith, basic Fiqh, Seerah of Prophets and necessary tarbiyah.


Basic Quran Memorization of Juz 30, important sura’s, if the child needs help in Quran recitation and Basic tajweed, this is the best class to be in. First session will be focused towards Quran. In second session Children will be taught from the books of Tasheel series recommended by Ulema. Session will focus on basic dua’s(Supplication), prayers(Salah), important Ahadith, basic Fiqh, Seerah of Prophets, Islamic Manners and much more. This is an essential program that has been designed for children of all ages and highly recommended to improve their knowledge of Islam and learning of Quran. Some restrictions may apply on admission, please check with the admission committee.


Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am – 12:30pm


$75 per month – scholarships are available, please contact our office for more details. New students will pay one-time registration fee of $100/- to cover administration and books cost.


Must be age 5 or above, Open for Boys and Girls.

Important Deadlines

Register for class: OPEN NOW.

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