• Seerah competition-2020-2021


    We had our Darul Arqam Maktab Seerah Competition on Sunday, January 17th, 2021. This was one of the awesomatic experiences that the students had in a long time especially after the Pandemic. Both the Parents and Children were involved deeply in preparation for this competition. This competition was one of a kind for the community as it crystallized the need for study of Seerah of our beloved prophet . The study of seerah is of a great importance that it gives direction for the revival of the Ummah. Below are the results and some pictures from the competition. You can download the whole album from here.


    1) Mubashir Khaleel Syed
    2) Fatima Kouser
    3) Kulsum Mohiuddin
    4) Haroon Tariq
    5) Anas Abdelkafy
    6) Youssef Abdelkafy
    7) Fareeza Kaleel
    8) Nazeeha Y
    9) Kamila Zainu
    10) Rayhan Harunany